As a traveller, I aim to encourage sustainable tourism and giving back to the world we love exploring. Here are some tips on how.

Minimise Your Impact

Clean up after yourself. Bring a reusable bag, a bamboo straw/ cutlery and your own water bottle. Be mindful to never leave anything behind after you. If you’re walking on the beach and you see rubbish pick it up and dispose of it.

Support Sustainability

Use your consumer purchase decision and reallocate your travel budget to socially responsible and sustainable companies. By staying, eating and shopping locally while abroad you are supporting small local communities you visit along the way.

Respect Wild Animals

Please do your research about any sort of tourism ventures that involve animals & make sure that they operate ethically. These creatures were not put on this earth for human amusement.

Remember that you are a guest, treat everyone and the surrounding area with respect. Help the communities you visit thrive and give back more than you take!